Heaven invaded earth before our very eyes today.  God graciously extended an invitation to our ministry group to  partner with Him as He rescued one of His beloved daughters. Rosario, from darkness to light,  from despair to hope, from death to life.  God planned, in a way only He can do, to bring together the testimonies of women from three different states in the U.S. and those of the women at the Alajueita center; testimonies declaring His goodness in each of our lives as He turned what was meant for our harm to our good and His glory.  As each woman shared her testimony, the presence of the Holy Spirit intensified.  Our time at the center had come to an end, but Kathy had discerned to keep going.  And finally, we came to Rosario, and it was this life, that the Lord chose on this day, to show us the reach of His love and redemption.  

Rosario told a life story of every abuse imaginable- sold for sexual favors to her uncle by a mother who told her that she would have rather have given birth to a dog.  Living on the streets, alone, she tried any drug she could to block the pain in her life.  She was rejected as a street prostitute because she "smelled".  When she turned to a hospital for help, the doctor chose to send her out with these words, "She is rotten on the inside."  But, God spoke to Rosario on this day and said, "I choose you."  Our team member, Janeth, ministered to Rosario in Spanish and translated for us,  although words were not needed to see how the Lord was touching Rosario.  An amazing breakthrough came when Rosario spoke forgiveness to her mother and asked the Lord for forgiveness for herself as well.  When Rosario began blessing her mother and all those who cursed her and mistreated her, I immediately began blessing all I could think of.  How could we withhold blessing and forgiveness from anyone after hearing Rosario forgive so much?  

As Rosario received ministry and a mother's blessing from Janeth, her countenance change dramatically.  She was glowing, beaming with the love she had received.  I'll never forget what I witnessed.  

Right before Rosario shared her story, the Lord had told me that someone would want my ring.  I thought that sometime during the week someone would admire my ring and I would give it to them.  As Rosario was speaking, the Lord said to me, "Not that ring, Donna."  The Lord had His eye on a different finger, the one that wore the ring engraved with the Hebrew words, I am my Beloved's and He is mine.  The Lord was asking for my ring.  He wanted to give it to Rosario.  I was honored that the Lord asked me to do something so special for Him.

Mary Lovell
4/13/2011 12:39:11 am

Rosario's conversion is so beautiful: there are many Rosarios around us. Our Father has taken our brokenness and poured in healing. All praise to Him!
Prayers continue to go up for you all as you start each day smiling at Him.

9/19/2012 03:06:57 am

I just created a weebly account after finding your blog, thanks.


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