Hi guys - today is the day!  We leave this afternoon for Orlando and our flight leaves early in the morning!  We have a busy schedule ahead of us and are excited to get in the trenches and raise awareness against this evil!
I thank you so much for being  "mighty prayer warriors" and ask for your continued prayers for our team, as we head in to "penetrate" the darkness.
Yes, God gave me the word PENETRATE the other night at church and I just want to share with you the definition as our team heads out!  God is so good and continually confirms His truth to us!  We ARE going to PENETRATE THE DARKNESS!  
PENETRATE - Verb(with object)
l. To pierce or pass into or through.
2.To enter the interior of.
3. To enter and diffuse itself through: permeate
4. To arrive at the truth or meaning of; understand, comprehend
5. To obtain a share of.
6. To have a deep effect or impact on someone.
7. Sexual penetration - to insert the penis into the vagina of a woman.
When I heard the word at church the other night I was just thinking about the penetration of going into these dark places and bringing the "light".  But, as I looked it up and thought about this word that God gave me, it brought so much more clarity and passion in my heart to GO in to bring God's truth and meaning!  We MUST GO to bring awareness to what is really going on!  We MUST GO because we have to convey the vision that there are real people being enslaved! We MUST GO because these are someone's "daughters" in there.  We MUST GO because evil is overcome with good!  We MUST GO because God has called us to "go into all the world and preach the good news to ALL creation." Mark 16:15  If we don't go, who will?
May God be excited that we are PENETRATING the darkness, and as we step out in "faith"  we will be making headway for "sparks" of light(life), to break down the corridors of evil, and to redeem and restore those that run to HIM!  We are "penetrating" to restore - they are "penetrating" for evil!  We have to BELIEVE that we can storm the gates!   We have to fight for those that can't fight for themselves!   We are going in and the Lord is "fighting for us"  Please read with me Exodus 14: 13-31 while I am gone!  We know what will happen in the end.......May God receive all the glory!  Then follow it by rejoicing as you read Exodus 15 with songs and praises!
Thank you all for going with me, through your prayers, support and encouragement!  Love, kathy