Mark took us to Iglesia Neuvo Vida (New Life Church) where they are building a huge feeding center.  The church and feeding center are on a big piece of property.  There are several houses(made of tin with no sewage system) at the top of the hill where you enter the property.  The feeding center and church are at the lower end of the property, so they have had to build trenches and cement walls so when it rains the water will have somewhere to go.  Since these houses are above the church and feeding center the sewage could also cause a problem.  The church has told the people that they would help them re-direct and fix the sewage problems in their homes so that it would not cause a problem on their property.  Most have graciously accepted the free offer to help alleviate the problem, but a few home owners(squatters) don't want any help, thus, probably don't have the desire to fix the problem.  PRAY that hearts will be softened and that the "light and love of Jesus" will prevail!  Mark took us to a yummy Costa Rican lunch and we thoroughly enjoyed it - soup, rice & beans, chicken, salad, and my favorite-plaintains!  And then they brought out raspberry ice cream over chocolate cake - yup - my cup o tea!  Bring it on!  Oh, forgot to tell you about the pineapple drink - smashing!

We went into San Jose to the market and walked around in the afternoon.  Mark had to pick his wife and children up at the airport, as they are coming home from a mission trip to Nicaragua.  We will be meeting up with them later for pizza!  YUM!  In San Jose, I was talking to God, in my spirit, and told him if there was anyone we needed to meet to let us know.......just then Susan said, "Isn't that the guy that live in sure was!  It was Luis in his wheelchair strolling in downtown San Jose!   We greeted him, talked for a while and told him we would see him at church on Sunday!  It's a small world - but we have a BIG GOD!  He never ceases to amaze me!  
4/8/2011 12:52:30 pm

Can't believe that you saw Luis in San Jose! That's twice! Wow!


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