What do you get when you put 18 woman together that love Jesus, believe in miracles, are prayer warriors and come to Costa Rica to put on a woman's conference?  You see God do above and beyond what you could even imagine, you see miracles before your very eyes, you see the unthinkable, your heart jumps for joy and burns with compassion!  This is the power of God and the power that God gives us as we unite our hearts with a common bond!

Today was our "Heart to Heart" Conference!  With excitement and anticipation we prepared the last minute details and headed for Celebration Church with great anticipation!  The woman and children began to arrive and registration began.  The church was decorated with hearts and beautiful flowers!  The children were brought to the soccer field for VBS as they arrived.  We lined the children up as they held on to a jump rope and we went in single file to the soccer field where part of our team was waiting for the children.  The children's eyes lit up when they saw that they were able to play on a real enclosed soccer field! 
 106 woman and 35 children showed up for the first woman's conference at Celebration Church!  Above and beyond 
all that we could have expected!  Praise God! The church was full!  All the woman we visited from the Woman's rehab center in Alejuelita showed up and four woman from Rehab Foundation showed up with their children!  I saw laughter, joy, tears and precious woman longing for their Savior, worshipping and bringing the heart of our creator God to the hearts of the woman!  I saw woman who were hopeless, unloved, broken, hurting, poor, prostitutes, alcoholics, drug addicts, mothers, grandmothers, and daughters who were all there for the same reason - to run towards their King - coming to fill the hole in their hearts with the love that they so desperately desire - the love that can only be made complete through Jesus Christ - it was a glorious day!  
Alison Last
4/15/2011 07:39:05 am

So proud of you my sister! You are doing the Lord's work, no douby about it! I love being able to read all the exciting things that are happening there! I so long to be there with you, but know that my heart and prayers are! Can't wait to talk to you when you return home safely!

4/19/2011 11:08:27 am

Hi hunny :) How are you? I tryed to get on here last week sometime and leave a comment but couldn't figure out how to so Joe showed me tonight. Can't belive i couldn't figure it out. Anyway i replyed to your email, so i won't repeat myself. but just know you have all been on my heart and in my prayers. I love you and love reading the blogs, lord willing maybe i can go with you when you go again. It sounds so wonderful, God is so good! I look forward to hearing all about it in person. Take care! Praying for your travel home and for God to surround you all with His angels. Love ya! Elaine


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