OK.......sorry I left you hanging, but we had to get on the plane!  Yes, we got on the plane!  A friend of mine was supposed to go on this trip but had to cancel last minute and through communication barriers all the flights that we booked at the same time were cancelled!  We flew COPA Airlines (and hats off to them!).  They were so gracious and the manager and Jorge helped us to get back on the plane (no charge!  That never happens!)  Susan and I looked at each other and knew in an instant that God was with us!  He was fighting for us!   I asked Jorge if I could pray for him and he said, "Yes", so the "favor of the Lord was upon us"!  I can't tell you how excited I get when I see God show up and we can't explain it any other way!

On the plane I sat next to a gentleman name Ricardo. He was 67 years old.  He is originally from El-Salvador and now living in Canada.  He was on his way to El-Salvador and asked us where we were going.  I told him Costa Rica and that we were on a mission trip and he was excited and said that his people needed us to come to El Salvador too!  I asked him if he knew Jesus and he shook his head "yes" and began to tell me a story about a crippled man he came across last time he visited El Salvador.  This man was on the street and Ricardo stopped because he had deep compassion for the man(we know where that came from).  The man told him he could not work because he could not get around, so Ricardo took him to a place he heard about called Castillo of the King, whereby, many American woman came to greet them and Ricardo told them that this man needed crutches.  The woman told the man that he didn't need crutches because he could tall(he was very tall and crippled) so they got him a rolling walker.  Ricardo was willing to pay for this man's walker and the woman would not take any money.  Ricardo was so moved and very eager to visit the man again on his visit to El Salvador.  He told me he was going to send me a picture if he found the man!
He also told me a story about a vehicle that he owns(from El Salvador) called a Samba.  Everywhere he goes people like his car and ask if they can purchase it because they have never seen a car like this before.  He ended up selling it to a gentleman and he felt like God had given him this idea(peace) to go back to El Salvador and drive another vehicle to the states(4000 miles) and everywhere he stopped people would leave notes on the car or the door to his hotel that they wanted to purchase these cars.  Ricardo actually showed me all the little pieces of paper in his wallet with numbers and notes on them.  I told him that he could make some money for his retirement and he said that he just wanted to make a little and not be greedy as he knows that this is a gift from God!  He even told me that he went to the border to the U.S. and that the border patrol was so interested in the car that they didn't even stamp his passport, that he believe's he received favor as he didn't even get a flat tire or have any vehicle problems on his 4000 miles journey.  He was praising God for all he had done!  Susan, Ricardo and I prayed together and I know that God was smiling on us as we praised His name!

We arrived at Christian Light Foundation.  What a beautiful place!  I am looking forward to learning about what they do and how we can be a part of their ministry.  They are on the front lines of ministry and evangelism so I guess God has me in the right place!  

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