The first night we were here, one of the men from 6:8 Ministries talked about how they want to take us out of our comfort zone this week. So far, that hasn't been a problem! :) I think I speak for all the ladies on the team when I say that the Lord has been A-C-T-I-V-E already in the two full days we've been here in Alajuelita.
   Today, I was privileged to witness the powerful conversion of a beautiful lady at the women's rehab center. I happen to be uncomfortable with things that I don't understand. It seems to me that many of the women on the team understand the spiritual world better than I do. I wrestled some with unbelief that the Lord could change a woman like I witnessed with my own eyes. You see, my experience has been very different. Mine has been such a process. But I saw someone who just let God be God and rescue her from a place where she knew she was trapped and couldn't get out without someone powerful to help. However, despite the fact that I was uncomfortable, and wasn't sure I believed what I saw, the fact remains that I saw - I SAW - the difference in this woman's face after we prayed with her and for her. She forgave her family members for wrongs done to her that had been drowning her in hatred and fear. No one should have to experience what she has experienced. But tonight, for the first time, she is going to sleep with the peace and joy that Jesus invariably brings to those who receive His love, forgiveness, and grace. She was so ready to be free. The Lord saw fit to put us in that place at that moment to love her to Jesus. The neatest thing - no, I can't say "neatest" because there were so many powerful healing moments for her. One of the neatest things was that she didn't hear what Janeth was saying to her when she accepted Jesus. She heard JESUS say something to her about how she could trust Him. Praise Jesus, that He is so personal and that it was so clearly Him, not us. 
     That event kind of overshadowed the rest of my day. Not surprising, since Jesus just rescued another one into His kingdom!! Whew! I did, however, meet other precious people today. I sat next to Angie, a 19-year old at the rehab center. I hope we get to go back so I can talk with her more. Since I'll be helping with the VBS, I won't get to see her at the women's conference. She was glad, I think, to see someone her own age. And I am wowed by the fact that God  put me in the seat next to her just so we could meet. I also met Alexandra, an 11-year old, who was very patient as I continued to try my Spanish skills in conversation with her. Ironically, some people have started asking me to translate . . . ha. That sometimes works. :)
     Part of our team also got to see the facility for the VBS. They were so excited!! As Kecelyn said, we were asking for crumbs, and the Lord gave us a feast. The facility is wonderful, safe, clean, and just what we need for our activities. I'm praying that a little girl I met yesterday will be able to come - as well as bunches more!
     Tomorrow, we have another full day. The Lord will again orchestrate everything in "conformity with the purpose of his will"  (Eph. 1:11) and we will again be so thankful, humbled, and blessed by our gracious King. But for now, He's given me the grace for this moment, which is writing this as I head to bed. Gracious, Senor, para este dia. Eres muy bueno y fiel a nosotros. 

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