Today we were blessed to be able to visit Rehab Foundation and learn more about what they are doing to rescue and embrace woman who have fallen into prostitution and/or human trafficking.  We all hopped on a bus and went into San Jose where we walked to Rehab.  What a beautiful facility that God has blessed them with!  Rehab is a daily place where the woman can go to get training, counseling, encouragement, love and support to sustain them and keep them out of prostitution.  Many woman enter prostitution here just to feed their children or pay their electric bill.  This is a place that embraces those that "want out" but don't have the means to sustain themselves.  They have a big computer room(lots of computers that were donated), sewing room to learn how to make purses, quilts, etc., and kitchen so the woman can learn how to cook.  God has blessed volunteers to build a beautiful playground and a mural for the children outside - and provides a daycare for the woman when they come.  It is a beautiful casa in the middle of a busy and caotic city!  Many stories were told of rescue, and Karlene(on our team) told her story of rescue after a life of sexual assault and rape by her father and brothers.  God, her creator, is restoring and healing her and showing her that she is dearly loved and that it was the sin of others that left her hopeless and that she doesn't have to live in guilt or shame anymore!  Many woman had common stories and their hearts were softened as they heard Karlene's testimony.  The woman(cooks) at Rehab fixed us a beautiful lunch and we worshipped together and invited them to the woman's conference on Wednesday!  Before we left we handed each woman a handmade glass bead bracelet with cross, some good bags and some chocolate!  We hugged and loved on the woman and our hearts were united as one, one that has endured, perservered, and trusted in the cross!  We offered to pay for the bus fares for the ladies if they wanted to come to Alejualita for the conference........we hope and pray they come!

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