We saw deeper into the heart of God yesterday. God has compassion for the lost and the brokenhearted. He wants to release those held captive in their sin and from the sins of others. Started the day hearing from a founder of 6:8 Ministries his heart broken for the people of Alajuelita as they are held captive in their alcoholism, addictions and prostitution. How God's heart longs for the release of His people and called us here to bring them the message - 18 ordinary women confident that the Spirit of God has brought them here to minister life and freedom and love and that He most surely arrived long before our trip was conceived in response to the cry of hearts - theirs and ours. We saw His heart of deliverance as we prayed love and hope and understanding into a woman we will call Eileen. We saw God move in her heart!

We continued on to a park inviting women to our women's conference to be held this week. We saw God's heart in our Spanish speaking teammates as we invited the women we passed to the conference. How God pursues our hearts and finds us where we are. We continued on to a church and feeding center and saw some crying out for the presence of God in worship and then saw the feeding of many - a simple meal of rice and beans provided in love. How God knows our needs to connect with Him in worship and our physical needs for a meal. He knows us, meets us where we find ourselves and is ready with nourishment of body, soul, mind and spirit. 

On our walk back an extremely intoxicated man came to us and even in his condition, his spirit was calling out for help - for deliverance from his condition - for prayer. We saw God's heart desiring to rescue him as we prayed and sought his deliverance. Yet we also saw the bondage refusing to let him go and yet God never giving up on us no matter how deep we fall into the pits. God touches those He ministers to also as some on the team also have lived with family members ensnared in the trap of alcoholism.

After a late lunch, we headed into San Jose. In the Hotel del Ray, our hearts were broken as we saw young women entrapped in prostitution and the foul smell of lust and poverty of spirit filled the air. How God's heart is broken.

We wedged in shopping in the market (remember we are women and an hour is way to short for shopping!) and then headed to dinner downtown. Delicious fare of burro in a local restaurant. We then returned home in the dark - watching each other even more closely than in the light of day. We are told never to go alone and to be especially careful at night.  We feel the protection from our God bringing us back on the backs of prayers sent out way from our supporters and friends.  We end with team sharing - each seeing an aspect of God's heart for the people and for us. What a faithful and pursuing Father we have.

A day not to be forgotten . . . peering deeper into God's heart.
4/10/2011 11:52:58 pm

Beth- Thanks for sharing! Praying for an AMAZING week for you and your friends!


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